California for Manila

A team of energetic people who love and will always love shopping! Whatever it is, whenever! CALIFORNILA started realizing the truth that not all US online retailers will ship directly to other countries. Now, our squad boasts of a growing number of personal shoppers whom citizens of the world can easily hit up with just one click away.

Whatever stuff you want here in the US, we will personally purchase it for you! That’s the relationship we want to build with our Californila peeps. Call us your personal shopper or in Filipino, personal taga-padala! Like a fam here in LA, we will buy what you want and we will ship straight to your door, may it be in the Philippines or in other parts of the world.

We are proud to say that for almost ten years now, we have built a great relationship with our customers, expanding from Manila to other Asian countries, the Middle East, and now, Europe.  And we were even hailed as Best in General Merchandise and Retail at the Philippine SME Business Expo 2014. That’s all because of you!