Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Californila here.

Californila is a service that helps Filipino online consumers get and ship their products from the US. Whatever product you want in the US, we will assist you from purchase to delivery directly to your doorstep! That’s the relationship we want to build with our Californila clients. A smooth process of online shopping in the US.

You can reach us at Contact Us

Go to and click on "Register" and fill out the required fields. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address once you've registered. Check your spam folder if you can't locate the email in your inbox.

You must fill out the form after logging into your dashboard. The address for Californila may be found in the lower-left corner of your dashboard.

By visiting our sign-in page and clicking on "Forgot your password?" you may reset your password. You will receive an email to your registered email address.

Our handling fee covers our labor, gas, and shipping/packing materials. We take 10% of the entire item price as a fee.

This fee is only visible in the Buying Assistance program. If you allow us to pay for your items with our company credit card, we will charge you an extra 5% of the total item price. This is to pay the costs of using a credit card and/or PayPal.
Californila will store your packages free of charge for 30 calendar days from the date they are received in the PH Warehouse. After 30 calendar days, the company will charge the customer a storage fee of PHP 50 per day for up to 30 days. After 60 days of unclaimed orders, the items will be considered abandoned orders. The company has the right to dispose of, destroy, or donate these items.
The value of items for which no duty or tax is collected is referred to as "De Minimis." PHP 10,000 is the De Minimis threshold. Please ensure that the total value of your shipments does not exceed PHP 10,000 to qualify for the no-duty and tax regulation.

You can shop at any US online store and have your packages shipped to our US address. The US address is on your dashboard. For the billing details, enter the required information as it appears on your card and billing statement.

You don’t have to worry! We may place the order on your behalf using our Buying Assistance program. To offset banking fees, you will be charged an extra 5% credit card fee of the total item price.

Sorry, we cannot accept cancellations or amendments to your order once you have submitted it. Please make sure that your orders are final before submitting the order form.

We will always use discount codes supplied to us but we cannot accept responsibility for sellers declining, or failing to apply, discount codes. Any special instructions such as discount codes need to be supplied in the item description field.

The customer must ensure that the right Californila US address is correctly filled out during the checkout process. Failure to provide the right address may result in delivery being misdirected. The California team will not be held liable for this.

No. The address we will provide you is an actual address. Please note that some online stores do not ship to P.O. boxes.

Please contact the online seller from whom you purchased; they will supply you with a tracking number to follow the progress of your products' delivery.

Once our logistics team has received your package from the courier, we will send you an email notification.

Each order is opened and inspected to make sure that all items are correct and complete. We also photograph the order so that you may double-check it before it is shipped.

You must choose your desired mode of delivery (air cargo 15 days or sea cargo 45 days). You will be required to settle the fee for shipping from the US to PH after the item arrives in the PH warehouse.

We will always try to consolidate your items into one box unless you specify otherwise. It is cost-efficient to have one large box sent instead of several small boxes.

We consolidate packages if you have multiple orders from different online stores. Consolidation is the process of combining multiple into a single box so all your packages will be delivered together. You will only be charged for the consolidated package instead of paying for the shipping of each package when shipped separately.

Yes! We will send you an e-mail as soon as your order ships. This email contains all of the information regarding your shipment, including its tracking number. If your order cannot ship for some reason, we will notify you as well.

We take great measures to ensure that packages arrive at you not only quickly but in perfect condition! Unfortunately, in rare cases, items may be damaged during shipment. We understand your frustration and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue as soon as possible! Please always take note that once a package is dropped off at the courier, we will not have any control over the package and cannot guarantee the condition of the shipment. In case of errors or delays caused by the shipping courier, we will help resolve the dispute to the best of our abilities, but we will not be held liable or responsible for the courier delays or errors.

It is the customer's responsibility to communicate to the seller if they purchase it personally and inform the sales team. On the other hand, if the purchase was made thru buying assistance. Californila will help resolve the concern to the best of its abilities.

The shipping fee is calculated based on the chargeable weight or volume metric weight and your chosen mode of shipment. – either by sea or air. For air cargo, the rate is calculated per chargeable weight or volume metric weight, whichever is greater. For sea cargo, the shipping fee is calculated per order volume metric weight. Please note that we do not know the actual weight and dimension of your item until it has been delivered to our PH warehouse and for packages below 1lb. we automatically round it off to 1lb. An additional 10% of the total item price is included as our handling fee.

Air Cargo Average delivery Sea Cargo Average delivery
Philippines 15 days Philippines 70 days

No. Californila can process a maximum of 12 pieces of the same kind per transaction.Ex. 15 pairs of shoes with different brands and sizes are still considered commercial quantities.

LBC is our major courier for shipping from the United States to the Philippines. Depending on the goods requested, we also ship by Johnny Air and XYZ Global Express. Once the shipment arrives in Manila, the customer settles the given amount. For local delivery, we use ABest, JRS, Grab, or Lalamove.