Declared Shipment

The  step-by-step guide to declaring a shipment through Californila.

Shop at any US online store and send it directly to our US warehouse. You can get our warehouse address from this link.

For orders that are confirmed, you need to go to "Declare Shipment" , fill out our form, and click "Submit". This will be a reference for our US logistics team.

NOTE: Make sure that all agreements are checked.

You will receive the total initial amount from the Californila Sales Team. Settle the amount and wait for your item to arrive at the warehouse.

You will receive an email notification once your package has arrived in our US warehouse.

A notification with your total shipping cost for your chosen shipping method will be sent both to your dashboard and email. Once settled, your package is ready for shipment to the Philippines.

Once your shipment has been shipped from the US warehouse to the PH warehouse, you will receive an email notification with your tracking number. You can visit your dashboard and click "track order" to track your packages.

Once your package arrives at the PH warehouse, you will receive an email notification. Be prepared because your order will be delivered to your home soon!